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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have all home DVR service?

At this time we do not carry the all home DVR.

The power is out and I have a generator hooked up. Why can't I get my Cable/Internet/ Phone to work?

Your services will not be restored until the power outage in your area is restored.

Do I have to have digital equipment to get premium channels?

Yes you would need either a Standard or HD Converter and or an HD/DVR.

* Life Line Basic is not compatible w/ digital equipment

My modem is losing connectivity all the time and I have to reset it. Why can't the internet be more reliable?

It is possible this could be a router issue instead of a modem issue. Try bypassing the router and directly hooking into the modem for trouble shooting and please call tech support at 888-529-5694.

Do we provide Anti-Virus Protection?

We do not provide any Anti-Virus protection. It is up to the individual to provide this.

Can I set up auto pay through my bank?

Yes, you can, however please allow for mailing time.

Can we process a check over the phone?

You can now make credit, debit and also ACH savings/checking payments!

Do I have to call Julie before I do any landscaping or gardening?

Yes, you need to call in to Julie before doing any digging. Dial 811 or visit

When will they bury my cable?

Once we have a temporary line laid out we will call in a Julie locate and within a week or two we will come back to bury your cable line. This is also dependant on ground conditions. Heavy rains or frozen ground puts the work out a little bit longer.