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Agreements and Policies

Equal Opportunity Employer

It’s the policy of Tel-Star Communications, Inc. to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. This policy of equal opportunity covers all aspects of the employment relationship, including application and initial employment, working conditions, promotions and transfer, selection for training opportunities, compensation and the applications of service, retirement and employee benefit plan policies. Tel-Star Communications, Inc. recognizes that our continued growth and business success depends on the development and utilization of the full range of the Company’s human resources and full utilization of all segments of the available workforce in which we operate our business.

Non-discrimination and Interconnection

Telstar Communications, Inc. adheres to the principles of the Federal Communications Commission’s Internet Policy Statement by not favoring any lawful Internet applications and content to the omission or hindrance of any other Internet application or content. Any network management policies or any change to the policies describing any business practice or technical mechanisms that restrict, impede, omit, content or limit usage shall be posted on this website. Telstar connects to the world-wide web through other service providers and does not have a private network. Telstar offers interconnection, where technically feasible without exceeding current or planned capacity limits, at terms and rates negotiated between the parties through negotiation. Telstar offers anchor institutions interconnection for private distance learning capacity at substantial market discounts under the aforementioned guidelines. Telstar does not discriminate against any person, creed, organization, business, religion or any other entity on the basis of race, gender, lawful business type, politics, or any other identifier of persons, organizations, businesses or entity. Telstar does reserve the right to restrict bandwidth or capacity when individual users threaten the viability of the overall network. Telstar is subject to the needs of law enforcement and exercises reasonable network management to ensure delivery of quality service to all users. Any user or prospective user, who cannot resolve a dispute with Telstar Communications Inc., is encouraged to seek remedy by notice to the Federal Communications Commission.